The Stor-E Tree App

The Stor-E Tree App

We have created a simple app that you can use for recording your stories. It’s called the Stor-E Tree app. It is free to use and the basic functions are easy to learn. Use the keyboard to write your stories and add photos and videos if you wish. The story template comes with inspirational prompts and helps you to find meaningful moments in your stories.

You can use the app on your own or - even better - with a Story Listener.

There are some special functions that can be used by volunteers to help Story Tellers record their stories online.

Below you will find information on how to use the app.

You can also download a manual for using the Stor-E Tree app or a printable Story Teller guide in the Downloads section.

Please note that the Stor-E Tree app works only with Chrome browser.

Getting Started

Please register before using the Stor-E Tree app

Profile and Account Settings

Fill in the profile section to introduce yourself and take a look at your account settings.

Writing Stories - The Basics

Recording stories with the Stor-E Tree app is easy and fun. Learn the basics and get started!

Recording Stories - Advanced

You can add media including photos, video clips, and audio files.

Printing Your Stories

The Stor-E Tree app does not come with a built-in print functionality, but you can use the standard print feature of your internet browser.

Using the Stor-E Tree App With a Listener

You can give other people access to your Stor-E Tree so they can help you to record your stories.

Where Are My Stories Stored?

Your stories are stored securely online.

Can I Delete My Account?

You can delete your account if you no longer want to use your Stor-E Tree App.

What Is the Story Listener Management Panel?

Story Listener Management is for organisations and allows them to manage their Story Listener volunteers.