Writing Stories - the Basics

Recording stories with the Stor-E Tree app is easy and fun. Learn the basics and get started!

Writing your story

After logging in you will find yourself on the main page of the Stor-E Tree app. This is where all your stories will be found.

When you first get started, this page will be empty except for a short introduction.

Selecting the “Add a Story” button will take you to a template for recording your story.

You can fill in the sections on this page in any order you like. Some of the sections are optional, some are mandatory.

Don’t forget to select the “Save” Button at the bottom right of the page when you’re finished. If you don’t want to save your changes, select “Cancel”.


If you need some inspiration to get started with storytelling, select the “Inspire me” button on top of the page. This will offer you prompts for stories to tell.  

What is the title of your story?

Every story needs a good title! But sometimes it’s better to write the story first and come up with a title later. Be creative!

Tell your story

Don’t aim to write the perfect story. Just get your memories and ideas out and your story will take shape. Use whole sentences or just make a rough draft. Use your own words. You can always come back and edit your story later. And don’t forget it’s YOUR story!

Select a Category

The last step to complete your story is to assign it a category. Just choose the one that fits best.

Meaningful Moments and Things You Might Like to Do

Although these fields are not mandatory, we recommend that you complete them.

Telling a story can be more than just reliving memories. Meaningful moments are special elements in your story that stand out. Moments that made you feel good or when you were curious, interested, and open to the world. Even in hard times you can find moments that gave you strength and helped you carry on. Try to keep an eye open for these sparkling moments when telling your stories and note them here.

Once you have told your story think about whether it has inspired you to do something. Does it reminded you of activities you once enjoyed and that you might want to try again? Or does your story inspire you to contact someone from your past?  Would you like to relive an experience, visit places, or do things again that made you happy? Or would you like to do something you have never done before but always wanted to?

Note those ideas here and make them visible so they can inspire you!

Editing a story

You may wish to make changes or add to a story you have written. Select the story you want to edit on the main page. Click on “Edit this story” in the top right corner of the page. This will take you back to the story template format with all the functionalities for editing your story.