Using the Stor-E Tree App With a Story Listener

You can give other people access to your Stor-E Tree so they can help you to record your stories.

Do it together

You can use the Stor-E Tree app on your own but doing it with someone else can be even better.  A Story Listener will listen to your stories and help you to record your stories in your Stor-E Tree. A Story Listener can be a family member, a friend or a volunteer who is with an organisation.

You can share your stories with a Story Listener in different ways:


During a face-to-face chat, your Story Listener can take notes with the app and together you can create wonderful stories.


The storytelling sessions can also take place by telephone or video conferencing. You can give your Story Listener access to your Stor-E Tree so they can take notes and help you to fill in the pages.

There are two options:

  • You can give your log in details (email address and password) to your Story Listener, so they can log in.

  • Or you connect with a Story Listener via the Stor-E Tree app. These Story Listeners are volunteers registered with an organisation who have received training on how to help Story Tellers to tell their stories. You can either invite a Story Listener yourself or receive an invitation from a Story Listener. To connect with a Story Listener, please contact a participating organisation in your area