What Is the Story Listener Management Panel for?

Story Listener Management is for organisations and allows them to manage their Story Listener volunteers.

What is it for?

Sharing Stories is best done in face-to-face meetings. But sometimes this may not be possible, for example, during a pandemic or if Story Tellers and Story Listeners don’t live close to each other. In these cases, meetings can be held via telephone or video calls.

The Stor-E Tree app has a co-authoring functionality for this scenario: Registered Story Listeners can be linked with Story Tellers. This allows Story Listeners to access their Story Teller’s Stor-E Tree so they can help to record stories online.

How does an organisation get access to the Story Listener Management panel?

Organisations that want to use the Story Listener Management panel should contact the appropriate national organisation in the contact section. They will provide you with the required log in credentials. Once you have the credentials, select the Story Listener Management button in the header of the Sharing Stories webpage and log in.

How do I use the Story Listener Management panel?

The panel allows you to manage a list of your registered Story Listeners. You can add Story Listeners to this list by entering their e-mail address. This will send an email invitation to the Story Listener. When the invitation is accepted, the Story Listener will be added to your list of Story Listeners.

When a registered Story Listener logs in to their Stor-E Tree app they will find additional functionalities for managing the Stor-E Trees of their Story Tellers.

How are Story Listeners and Story Tellers linked?

Story Listeners and Story Tellers can be linked together by exchanging email addresses.

The recommended procedure is as follows:

  • A Story Teller wants to be linked with a Story Listener to use the Stor-E Tree app together.

  • The Story Teller contacts the national organisation (from the contact section) and asks to be linked with a Story Listener.

  • The Story Teller provides their email address (the same address they use for logging in to their Stor-E Tree app).

  • The organisation forwards the email address to one of their Story Listeners.

  • The Story Listener adds the Story Teller’s email address to their list of Story Tellers in the Stor-E Tree app.

  • The Story Teller gets a notification by email and in the Stor-E Tree app, which they are prompted to accept.

  • Once accepted, the link between the Story Teller and Story Listener is established. The Story Listener now has access to the Story Teller's Stor-E Tree.

Alternatively, if the Story Teller has the email address of a Story Listener, they can invite them directly from the My Account area in the Stor-E Tree app.

How can a link between Story Teller and Story Listener be removed?

Both parties can unilaterally remove the link.

The Story Teller can remove a Story Listener in the My Account area of the Stor-E Tree app.

  • Go to the My Account area in the Stor-E Tree app

  • Click on Edit

  • Click on Remove next to the Story Listener you want to remove.

The Story Listener can remove a Story Teller by simply clicking on Remove Story Teller in the list of Story Tellers.

Once a link is removed, a Story Listener no longer has access to a Story Teller’s Stor-E Tree app.

What if the Story Teller does not have an email address?

For data security reasons it is best, when the Story Teller is a registered user and the steps can be carried out as described above. In cases where a Story Teller does not wish to register, e.g. because they do not have an email address, there is an option for Story Listeners to add a Story Teller without an email address. In this case, the Story Teller does not have the possibility to use the Stor-E Tree app independently and manage their stories.

It is important that the Story Teller is made aware of what happens with their stories and what rights they have. It is therefore necessary that the Story Teller first reads the Privacy Policy declaration and signs the Informed Consent. As Story Listener please follow the instructions in the app and upload a photo of the signed Informed Consent.

In addition, a unique identification code is created so that the content can be deleted again if necessary. (In this case, contact Tech Support and have the identification code ready.)