Meaningful Moments

How to use meaningful moments.

What are meaningful moments?

Everyone has special moments, abilities, and relationships that influenced their life in a positive way. These are moments that a Story Teller never wants to forget or have made them who they are. We call these moments the Meaningful or Sparkling Moments.

Meaningful moments are precious

It can be very interesting to explore these moments further in your conversations. Why did the Story Teller make those choices? Why did they make such an impact on their life?

And importantly, why has someone stopped pursuing the activity/hobby/passion in question? Was it their own choice? Or did they not have time or money to carry on? Have they ever thought of taking it up again?

Beyond storytelling

Rediscovering a once loved activity, hobby or passion can be very beneficial to the Story Teller and make them feel happier and more connected with others. Asking the following questions may give the Story Teller a new idea, or encourage them to take up a hobby again, or even gain new insight on their lives.

-          Is this something you like to reminisce about?

-          Is it something you might be able to do again?

-          Is it something you’d like to talk more about with someone else?

-          Is it something you could teach someone about?