Profile and Account Settings

Fill in the profile section to introduce yourself and view your account settings.

Introduce yourself

You can choose to enter profile information about yourself.

  • Upload a photo

  • Enter the year of your birth

  • Give a short description of yourself.

Filling out the profile is not mandatory, but we recommend doing this if you are using the app with a Story Listener to offer them a short introduction about yourself.

Do not forget to click on the Save button in the bottom right corner to save your profile.

Account Settings

Go to the My Account page to:

  • view your settings.

  • invite a Story Listener to have access to your account (you can read the information about using the app with a Story Listener on this page).

  • log out.

Click on the Edit button in the top right corner to:

  • change your name.

  • change the language.

  • remove a Story Listener.

  • delete your account (read the information about deleting an account on this page).