I Am a Volunteer, Family Member or Friend

Get trained to become a Story Listener and learn to have meaningful conversations with older adults.

Get trained

Do you want to learn to have more meaningful conversations with older people or loved ones who are emotionally and socially isolated? Our training materials offer you guidance on how to encourage people to tell their stories and how to actively listen to these stories and find ways to reconnect people to activities, interests, and communities.   Contact one of the partner organisations in your country to enquire about training opportunities. You can find a list of organisations in the Contact section

Use the resources

A wide range of free resources for Story Listeners and Story Tellers are available on this website:

·         The Listening to a Story page offers useful tips and ideas for storytelling sessions.

·         Download the Stor-E Tree manuals for Story Tellers and Story Listeners for inspiration and guidance on getting the most from a storytelling session. You can find these manuals in the Download section.

·         Register and use the digital Stor-E Tree app for recording stories online. More information about the Stor-E Tree app is here.