I Want to Tell My Stories

Discover your own life story and re-discover old passions. Get inspired by your experiences and make new connections.

Life stories are precious

Your life stories are precious and recording your stories can help you to re-connect with yourself and other people and to re-discover passions and interests.

You can start to record your stories on your own. The Stor-E Tree guide in the Downloads section can be a helpful and inspiring tool. You can also choose to use the digital Stor-E Tree app on this webpage. You can find information about the Stor-E Tree app here.

Do it together

Even better than recording your stories on your own is to share them with an interested and caring person - a Story Listener. The Story Listener can be a family member, friend, or a trained volunteer who is with an organisation.

If you are interested in being matched with a trained Story Listener, contact the lead organisation in your country. Contact details are in the Contact section. They will help to find a Story Listener for you.

The Story Listener will support you to tell your stories and, if you wish, help you to rediscover old and new interests and make connections with your community, family, and friends.