Being a Good Story Listener

Listening carefully to someone is about being present in the conversation.

Here and now

To avoid distractions, turn your phone off and arrange the meeting in a physical space where you won't be disturbed.

Be authentic

If you just completed your training and are embarking on the Story Listener journey you may be too preoccupied with all you learned during the training sessions.  Try not to worry too much and just be yourself. If you are genuinely interested in the person in front of you, you will be a good listener.

Non-verbal communication

Listening is not only hearing what someone is saying, but also paying attention to non-verbal communication. Body language is very important. You can show the Story Teller that you are listening to them by displaying non-verbal clues such as making eye contact, humming or nodding with you head and showing an open and relaxed body language.

But don’t worry, if you are truly curious and interested, this will probably happen automatically.