Asking the Right Questions

Some questions are more helpful than others.

Use open questions

When you are talking to the Story Teller it helps to use open ended questions. Questions that start with who, what, where, when, why and how are more likely to elicit stories from the Story Teller than leading questions.

Make sure you have understood correctly

During the conversation keep checking if you have understood everything correctly. You can do this by summarizing what the Story Teller told you or by asking questions to check details as you go.

Do not interrupt

While the Story Teller is talking or answering a question, try not to interrupt them. After a question and answer, occasionally allow some silence to give the other person space to reflect.

Let it flow

Finally, don’t forget to focus on listening and try not to worry about the next question you want to ask. Some people only need a few questions as they are natural Story Tellers, while others may need more prompting and guidance.